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Parallel sessions C1 - History of Economic Thought
December 10-12

Session Chair: Edward Nell, New School for Social Research
Date: December 11, 2007
Time: 15:10 - 17:10
Location: Auditorium

The Rise of Democracy in Europe and the Fight Against Mass Poverty in Latin America: The Implications for Marxist Thought of Some Recent Mainstream Papers
By Howard Petith, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
   Presented by: Howard Petith
   Discussant: Mario Pomini

Myrdal, Growth Processes and Equilibrium Theories
By Carlo Panico, Università Federico II di Napoli & Maria Olivella Rizza, Università di Cassino
   Presented by: Carlo Panico
   Discussant: Graham White, University of Sydney

Does Economic Growth Ultimately Lead to a “Nobler Life”? A Comparative Analysis of the Predictions of Mill, Marshall and Keynes
By Arrigo Opocher, University of Padua
   Presented by: Arrigo Opocher
   Discussant: Edward Nell, New School for Social Research

The Institutional and Social Dynamics of Growth and Distribution: The Case of Joseph Schumpeter
By Richard Arena, GREDEG-DEMOS University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis /CNRS, & Alain Raybaut, GREDEG-DEMOS University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis /CNRS
   Presented by: Richard Arena
            Discussant: Carlo Panico, Università di Napoli


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economic growth and distribution

Economic Growth: Institutional and Social Dynamics, COFIN 2005