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Parallel sessions F2 - Gender and Marriage
December 10-12

Session Chair: Graziella Bertocchi, University of Modena
Date: December 12, 2007
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Location: Aula 6

Marriage, Divorce and Savings: Don't Let An Economist Choose Your Spouse
By Michelle Rendall The University of Texas at Austin
   Presented by: Michelle Rendall
   Discussant: Luca Gori, University of Pisa

Population Growth and Rising Dowries: The Long-Run Mechanism of a Marriage Squeeze
By Sudeshna Maitra, York University
   Presented by: Sudeshna Maitra
   Discussant: Joachim Thøgersen, University of Agder

Bright and Wealthy: Exploring Assortative Mating in Italy
By Valerio Filoso, University of Naples "Federico II" and CHILD
   Presented by: Valerio Filoso
   Discussant: Graziella Bertocchi, University of Modena

Nobility and the Marriage Market
By Johan Almenberg, Stockholm School of Economics, & Anna Dreber, Harvard University
   Presented by: Johan Almenberg
   Discussant: Alexander Salhi, Freie Universitaet Berlin


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