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Since Adam Smith, social and economic institutions have been considered as exerting a significant influence on the historical patterns of growth and distribution of nations. More recently, economists have also emphasized that the process of growth and distribution in turn shape the evolution of institutions. Growth and distribution are lenses through which we can investigate the complex interplay of the birth, the life, and the decline of social and economic institutions.  And institutional and social dynamics, in turn, are important elements in comprehending the interaction between growth and distribution.The goal of this Conference is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of different approaches to the issues of the institutional and social dynamics of growth and distribution, with all the theoretical, empirical, historical, and methodological implications.

Keynote speakers
Sam Bowles (Santa Fe Institute and Università di Siena)
David de la Croix (Université catholique de Louvain)
Steven Durlauf (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Joel Mokyr (Northwestern University)

It is planned to publish selections of papers in a special issue of Metroeconomica and a larger selection in a volume with a major publisher. Papers that will be published in Metroeconomica will meet the standards of Metroeconomica.
All papers will be made available on the Internet until the end of the Conference.

visit the site of the conference 'Old and New Growth Theories: An Assessment', held in Pisa (Italy) on October, 5-7 2001

economic growth and distribution

Economic Growth: Institutional and Social Dynamics, COFIN 2005